One addition for the week

Daniel male about 5’8 mid to late 20’s with brown short hair- wore loose fitting cloths. He didn’t want to talk about the cause of his passing. He worked in construction, He shows me laying down concrete and building the frames of houses. He is playing California love from 2Pac (not sure if this is his favorite artist or if he lived in L.A) He had a big heart and loved helping others- I get the sense he worked with Habitat for Humanity a bit in his time- He is expressing he had a great relationship with his mother and that he loves her greatly.  He was not sure what direction he wanted to go in life but he feels good about all the people’s lives he has touched.  The person he is reaching out to is like a best friend/sibling relation. He comes across with a brotherly feel. His message is “Struggling with loss is not easy for anyone, you are too hard on yourself about your life and the “mistakes” you think you made. If you could see your life the way I see it you would be more proud of yourself and how far you have come. I know you feel different but you should embrace your differences as beauty. There can only be 1 you and your uniqueness is beautiful. I love you and am always with you, I chose to help guide you on your path and will help you until we meet again.”

Alyssa MillerComment