A Little Girl and a Fox Terrier

Little girl age about 6 I'm getting the name Margareet called Maggie. I see she has dark hair and a fair complexion. Very happy energy. She gives me the sense she has not been in spirit long, I'm being shown the number 3 like maybe 3 weeks or 3 months. Her passing seems recent. She shows me walking down the street with her mom and a stroller, also it looks like there is a dog walking with them. She really enjoyed the family walks. She loves the dog a lot. I get the feeling she was all over the dog wanting to play even if the dog didn't want to. The dog looks to be like a terrier mix. She shows me a doll with blond hair, this was her favorite toy and it went with her everywhere. She says she was never really afraid of the dark and she liked the glowing stars on the ceiling. She feels proud like she was a big girl despite her young age. I keep sensing this was a car accident that took her life. Very unexpected. I keep hearing aggie like maybe the dog’s name was similar to hers, she keeps showing me pink, and she loves pink! Pink bedding pink shoes pink dress. She’s a very happy soul. She shows me playing with animals in the world of spirit. She shows me spending tons of time in nature. I get the sense she will be incarnating again soon. She is looking to come back into the same family. She wants to live out a longer incarnation this time. She is not upset about the accident, she says “I felt nothing at all" I was here in an instant. She says Mommy is still very upset. Daddy is holding in his sorrows. She shows me big hugs and kisses for you all. She says her little (feels like sister) will not remember any of this but will know her as the little one soon. She wants you all to be happy and know that she plans to come back in soon. She is still with you all listening and tugging at your pant legs. She says she loves you. She is showing me an ice cream cone. With a mess of ice cream all over her mouth and a big smile. She is having so much fun in the world of spirit. She is showing me that you will recognize her when she comes back in. You will look in her eyes as a baby and see that glimmer of her. She sends kisses and waves bye bye!


I see a little fox terrier, lived on some property, like a farm. I see him chasing the chickens and bouncing around. He looks brown white with some black. He was a good guard dog keeping away the foxes and raccoons etc. He also shows me that he ate some kind of poison that lead to his passing. He's a bouncy energy, very hyper. He shows me an elderly couple that he lived with. He loves them so much. He said they really let me be free. He shows me that he enjoyed the table scraps you guys would give him. He was a very satisfied dog. I feel the man of the house took the passing the hardest. I sense they had a real bond. This dog has been with him multiple times and will continue to keep him company. I keep seeing colored patches as his markings but I am not sure if his name was Patches or something similar. He still spends some time on the property keeping the animals safe. He sends his love.

Alyssa MillerComment