Embracing your magnificence

This week we get another channeling from spirit. Love and Light!!!!

Love is all around you, in every molecule of your body and in every breath you breathe, The universe and stars are the same make up of who you are. Each soul is an inspired breath of the creator. You are unique in the form of you. Everything in this world is energy and as a well known fact energy never dies it just changes form. Many of you have lost someone special to you and are crying out for help. Your loved ones are everywhere, they are in everything. The air you breathe, the tree outside your window, their energy is all around you. Many of you sensitives can feel or :sense: the essence of that soul around you. They are with you. Much of the time sitting right beside you enjoying the things you do. A change of "worlds" is not a loss, it is like moving from one house to another. There will be things you miss of the old house but you have moved into the new house for a better living. Their house is just next door to yours on a different level. In the spirit world we are unlimited, we are everywhere we want to be. We can be with multiple people simultaneously. Many of you wounder what we do in the afterlife. Much of what brought us joy in this last life we still partake of in the world of spirit. If you loved reading and learning for example, you will be overjoyed with the unlimited information available. If you loved nature you can spend every "moment" in nature. "Heaven" is unlimited imagination with instant manifestation. You turely embrace that you are the creator of your own reality here. The funny part is when you incarnate into the physical you forget it all. You are still very powerful creators. You just have to be reminded at times, so...create! What is your picture of beauty? harmony? bliss? fulfillment? I want for you children to see that just because you can not see all the colors you paint with does not mean you can not create beautiful art. Your mind is so powerful, it has the ability to heal you or make you sick, It has the ability to dream- that dream you can create. Thoughts are energy forms radiating from you like rays of the sun. What rays are you sending to the universe? This time on earth many of you are noticing that things you think and say are coming to fruition quicker then before. The universe hears you. God hears you. Earth hears you. we talked a bit about being light workers in the last channel, truly embrace your magnificence. We in the spirit world watch in amazement of you all. We are so proud of every accomplishment, even the ones you would consider small still leave an impression in the Earth. Small footprints can turn into big footprints. Your steps matter and the steps you take reach toward a future of brightness. Go Create beautiful children of Earth. Embrace your magnificence and manifest those dreams, We in the spirit world are always here to help. Just ask.

Alyssa MillerComment