Entering a new year


Today is a channeling from spirit. Love and light to you all. Happy New Year!

2015 is a new year in Earth time, You all have assisted this planet in its process of ascension and this is another year of raising the vibration higher, you all still have yet to come but the process is beautiful to watch. Every heart on this planet feels more open, you all shine so brightly. Look at this new year with the eyes of a child, fresh and full of adventure. You are on the right path in life as you follow the guidance of your heart. The heart space is the connection between what is above and what is below. This space feels from the earth and from the heavens. Let more love into your open hearts this year. Flow with its guidance even when your emotions feel rocky, know that we in the spirit world are always here, always listening and ready to help. This new year look in the mirror, be the example of what you want to set forth. This is a bright new year for you all and its never to late to start living from the soul. Let what does not serve you fall away and continue to fall away with each passing day. You are incredible beings of love and bring light to shed on the darkness that is fighting for its last breath on this Earth. We see you all as victorious and there is no need to worry. Begin every morning by breathing in this love and letting it fill your core until it radiates out your pores touching every thing around you. Darkness cannot live in a heart of light. Stay strong beautiful children of Earth, you all have grown and given so much, its beautiful to see the energy change by the love you create. Never for a second feel that you are alone on this journey of change, all that is needed is for you to express yourself. We are here to assist, just ask. We feel honored to be able to help. You are all warriors of light on this planet, embrace the light within you, let it shine. Be Luminous! We are so proud of where you are and how you have attained what you now hold. Stay strong warriors of light. The "battle" is not yet won but victory is sure at hand. Continue to be the light worker and let more and more love fill and flow from you like an eternal river.  Blessings

Alyssa MillerComment