Peace in France

In my meditation this week I was transported to a little cafe table in what felt like France.  A young blond male sat in the seat in front of me, just outside the spot of his death he says. He looks to be about 27 or so. The first words he gave me were, revolt, stand against terriorism. He showed me people who were like a flame, each town they walked through was set a blaze. I asked what he meant by this and he said it is non violent. It is a metaphor for the young to rise up in peace and others will follow. He says he can see the movement happening already. He says the unity will be amazing! He said not to pity or offer your hand in pitty, he says only take our hand if you want to be a revolution of peace. He says the young adults in France are rising with a fire inside them for change. As I asked about him he was more vauge, he was an orphan and lived in many places. His name is something like Jaque? (Sounds like jock) he laughs at me saying should I talk with the accent, wee wee! Lol. He talks about how at 23 he became more of an activist and loved blogging his thoughts, hopes and feelings to share with the world. He says he wants to share hope with the world. He says the French are a beautiful strong people. He says terrorism is being snuffed out and people are coming together in the unity of humanity.  He laughs and says I don't even have to be of high class to have my words heard.  He says our influence from here (Souls on the "other side") are helping the energy of peace rise up here on Earth. He leaves by saying, keep the peace. 

Alyssa MillerComment