Rosie's wreath and the Christmas spark.

During my meditation this week a blonde slender woman wearing a red dress kept showing me a Christmas wreath on the front door of a home she tells me she is a mother of 3 boys and then she laughs and says six children really we were more like the real life Brady Bunch except I had the three boys. She's telling me that she passed away around Christmas of breast cancer and that her boys are now grown and out of the house she knows this time of year is very hard on the family especially the boys and she wants you all to remember the spark and bring the magic back. She says yes Jesus is real because one of the younger boys in the family was asking she smiled and she said yes! Yes he is! She mentioned about being a grandmother and is holding a child I get the sense this child is coming into the world in 2016 she wants you all to know that she is still fully alive and is still a part of your lives in just a different way. I hear her say Holly I'm not sure if this is a name or a holly tree. She keeps mentioning about how this time of year is very magical and she wants to put that spark of magic back in your hearts. She gives me the sense that when she passed away you all feel as though the spark went with her she says no the spark lives in your heart and in your memories. She says I never took the spark you all have it inside of you. She shows me a picture of the family at Christmas time and it sits on top of the fireplace mantle or above the fireplace she says leave this picture out year round not just because I look good but because there's something goofy in it that she wants you all to remember and laugh about. She's talking about a holiday treat that one of the girls makes that she misses and she says she's in the house and loves the smell as its being made. She is saying that she liked to make peppermint chocolate or peppermint fudge. She's showing me that one of the boys is getting a knife like a Fisher's knife or a survival knife and says to watch out with that one she laughs and says she still a mom even in spirit but she wants him to be careful with that. To her husband she says she is giving you her blessing for the new woman in your life or soon to come into your life, she says it's all love here and my love for you will never change you deserve to love again and this blessing is my gift to you. Do not feel guilty it is OK to move on I want this for you she says. She's sending her love to all of you she says she loves you all so very much, she wants to thank you all for being at her bedside and helping her transition into spirit. She felt so much love that she was not afraid and she said this was the greatest gift she could have ever received. She shows me a golden retriever. She says everybody you think you have lost is here with me and we will be here waiting for you all and in time we will have a family reunion again. She shows me a Christmas tree all decorated and there is a specific ornament on the tree that when the light hits it just right is almost blinding she says this one is her favourite and you will see her spark in it, she wants you all to know that she is with you this time of year as she is with you always and she says with love as she waved goodbye

Alyssa MillerComment