Happy Holidays!

Hello beautiful souls!

The message for you all this week is to relax into love. So many souls in spirit want to come through to tell their loved ones that they are with them and sending blessings from the world of spirit. So I figure the best gift I can give you all is to remind you to relax into love, quiet your body & mind so you can recieve the gift your loved ones in spirit have for you.... If you have time even just five minutes please get comfortable, relax your whole body, if you feel tension in any place take a deep breath and release it. Let your body just relax, take a few slow deep breaths as you relax then let your breathing go natural.

  Imagine now you are at a table, surrounded by chairs, as you put your focus on one chair you notice a loved one in spirit manifests into the seat.  This happens for each chair around your table. Sit with them, listen and share, this is your time with spirit and those you love who have crossed over. Enjoy being in their energy. Let your heart be filled with joy and love, then... when your ready to return to your day to day activities, come on back.  

This is a way that your loved ones can share and be with you anytime you like, all you have to do is relax and be open to receive. Your loved ones are always with you, you have so much support and your celebrations are their celebrations as well, they never truly leave us. Anytime you want to connect with them, relax and be open to receive. 

The greatest message of all is to Love.

Happy holidays beautiful souls, 

Love and blessings 

Alyssa MillerComment