The Poet

The energy that came forward for this message was a young male, his named sounded like Donny or Johnny. He gives me the sense he passed young, I get the numbers 16 and 26. His energy is very sprite like. He is flamboyant and loves dancing, his energy is joyful and light. Very funny! He gives me the state of Alabama. He described his features as silky dirty blond hair and very classy. He says he loved performing arts and poetry, he knew that as a child he was different from other kids as he was into both genders but he says love was love to me. He says he saw past imagery and let his heart speak. He is proud of himself as well great sense of humor but not prissy he says. He gives me the sense he was hit from the side in a car accident on his way to a rehearsal, he passed instantly. He is not upset with his passing at all, although he knows he would have made theatre. 

He says he is so proud to have been a part of this shift in humanity, he says his perspective of love helped open people's eyes to reality of love and not this perverse view we had before. He is waving a rainbow flag saying all colors are beautiful and each generation will wake up another bias and crush in down as it is not the reality of humanities future.

He says he loves his parents and is so grateful for their unconditional acceptance. He says you helped inrich his message and he is so thankful for you both. He is saying he sees that his loss has been very detrimental but he doesn't want you to get carried away it. (The sense I got was not get tied down by sadness and loss but celebrate his life) He says remember how I saw love and to see love this way, it transcends all barriers. 

He shows me people putting in his music cds and dancing to them, he enjoys the dance and says he is right there with you coriagraphing the dance moves in spirit, he smiles and laughs as he says it. He says he is still the best dancer. As his energy fades he says dance with the winds. His energy then pops out.

He had a poem he wanted to share,

I am the stars and the moon, I am the Sun and solar flare, the wind carries my words in a whisper for all the lands to hear my steps were guided on this walk of life as this rich soil sustained me. Although my body was not long for this world it generated a vibration throughout the land that I was here and I made a difference my footprint forever in the soil as my soul carries on. 

I awaken to my higher self, I drink from the fountain of wisdom, I eat from the table of knowledge I share the same heart of love with the universe, we are all one, always connected and ever present.

Alyssa MillerComment