Going deep

Welcome back friends,

I journied for our message this week.

I met up with seagull who took me in flight above the ocean, the sun was high in the sky and the clouds were sparse. As we flew we took a dive into the ocean where our wings became fins, we kept diving down deeper and deeper into the depth of the ocean, I could see the whales and different  sea life and I was one with them, as we descended deeper into the ocean, seagull said "Do not be afraid to look into the depth of your being. Many of you feel safe on the surface but the true treasures lie beneath the surface deep in the soul, do not be afraid of what appears dark in you, it is only the unknown waiting to be explored." As we swam through the great darkness a door appeared we knocked and the door opened bringing us back to flight. Then back to body. 

I feel the sense not to analyze this message as multiple meanings come to mind, I know the truth in this for me, what does this mean for you?


Have a beautiful week my friends.

Alyssa MillerComment