A Journey within

I took a journey for this weekly message,


As my journey started I could feel myself rise out of my body and fly as though I had wings, as I had left my body I turned around to look at myself, when I looked at myself I flew into my eye and into my soul, in my soul I danced and sang, it felt rejuvenating as well as healing. I feel the message for this week is to look within yourself and to listen to your inner promptings. To dance and be joyous in celebration that you have this body to celebrate and experience life with. I also feel this message means to take time for yourself to nurture and honor yourself. The strongest message of all I think is to rely on yourself for your messages and answers everything that you need is already inside of you.

 This week I feel it's extra important to nurture yourself and to honor your own inner wisdom. Be kind to yourself and know that you are enough. Be joyous and celebrate in your uniqueness nobody else in the world is just like you and your life is beautiful.



Alyssa MillerComment