The Gathering of 2 Flames,

As I lit my incense this afternoon I heard my guide say 2 flames, this was his message.

Beautiful lights on earth do you recognize your own true spark of divinity? You are a flame of the eternal light and your Spark can ignite a world of fire. When your individual flame meets another's flame you generate a bigger fire, with that fire you can bring great change and destruction, destruction is deemed as a negative word but to break down and destroy the four walls around you brings sight to what is on the other side. The fire within you is very powerful, When you sit and breathe in your meditations, imagine that the fire within you expanding and pushing out a radiant fire around you. This is you, able to control and work with your fire, now imagine when 2 Flames do this, this fire spreads farther, you both are an individual flame that then becomes a bigger flame. This is the power of group alignment,  You are powerful to make change, and a group for change can generate a stronger force to help make that change. Remember your spark of divinity and remember that you come from an eternal flame, your fires are never separated. Embrace your inner fire to make the changes you want to see in your life.




Alyssa MillerComment