Nurturing your inner child

Welcome back friends,

My journey this week was joyfully full of cutting loose! The message for this week is to ease into this "stressfull" holiday season and to play. Look at life through the eyes of your inner child. This little voice inside needs to be heard and honored. Play, dance, sing! Honor yourself, ALL of yourself. The message I was receiving is that we are far to serious and driven,  we need to ease up on ourself, cut loose and play. As I'm writing this I hear my guide say, don't worry there is plenty of time for your responsibilities to be taken care of, if you like to look at life in such a way then make play part of your responsibility. You can have it all. Honor and love yourself. Do things that make you happy and joyus, this is how your inner child is nurtured. 

Love and light my friends!

~See you next week

Alyssa MillerComment