Living Truth

Much of the world today is conditioned to please another and look past their inner truth. It is OK to speak your voice and say what you think and feel. Living in one’s truth is not about pleasing another but about letting your unique light shine. Nobody is just like you and your gift to humanity is to be authentic. Live from your heart center and express your true nature. Life is all about giving and receiving, let love flow in and out of your heart space. Speak your truth with love, you can always say how you truly think or feel about any situation. Living in one’s truth is being true to the core of you. Not all truths will align with one another, honor that, even in disagreements, this is the other person’s truth and they are not wrong for living theirs. Beauty is seen by opening the eyes and mind to expand the consciousness of all. If you meet an opposing view point, look at it from a place of non-judgment. Looking objectively allows your consciousness to expand and view insights from another point of view. Living in your truth does not mean forcing others to believe and act as you, nor do you have to align with their truth but, honor the truth in them as you would have for you. Living in your truth is living in peace. Live in truth, allow what truly feels right in your heart and soul to sing. Your song is beautiful, share it with the universe

Alyssa MillerComment