Reaching out

Today I have a few souls in spirit who want to get a message to someone they love.

Dave (has blond hair, party guy, carefree) he says to Saundra/Sandra, "I am sorry for the grief I have caused you, I don't think I was the best influence for you anyway. You had more structure and ambition in your life than I did. Your love for me was leading you down a road you are above. Love is funny that way, we loose ourselves at times for those we love. I know without me you will get back on track. Thank you for loving me and accepting me for who I was. Don't blame yourself for my death, you could not have stopped me if you tried. I was so lucky to have you in my life, you were a voice of reason to my chaotic ways. I know you will go far. I will be with you inspiring moments of spontaneousness and joy when you get to serious. Keep your structure, you will go far. I love you and could not have had a better friend than the one I had in you. Release any guilt associated with me, that was the life I chose, I lived it well and with no regrets. Stay true." He sends off with a kiss and holds his hand in a peace sign.

Cassandra, ( she shows herself sitting in a library studying, she has long brown hair and glasses) I feel she was young when she passed around 22 years old. She says " College was so stressful, I finally decided to go to a party now here I am. Things got out of control, I passed out, then here I am.  I spent all my life being a "good girl" that I didn't know how to let go and have fun. I was not popular and it made me feel lonely. I had so much love and support at home, my family was so encouraging, but I had difficulty with acceptance from my peers, so when I went to the party I overdid it.  I am sorry to my family, I do not blame them for anything. I was not meant to stay long in that lifetime but I am grateful for all that I gained in that short time. I teach and work with children here, I help them with acceptance beyond the perceived limitations they had in their last life. Thank you mom and Dad for providing me with every opportunity and all you had. I feel so blessed to have had you as parents. I will be with ( little sister) as she grows guiding her, she will far exceed me, She has a better idea of balance than I did. I will always be guiding and watching over all of you. I love you all."  She shows me a white Daisey.

I saw a fluffy white cat and heard the name Purfect (with the pun intended), unfortunately this cat choked on a mouse. She says " She loved the life you gave her, She really enjoyed the hunts in the yard." She shows me walking along the back of the couch and laying behind you with her tail draped around your neck. She still does this in spirit. She loved the peaceful home you provided and still plays in the yard. She loves you very much and is with you , she gives me the impression that you sense her in moments of solitude.  She says she will be coming back to you again in the future and you will recognize her when you see her. She said it will be a surprise! She leaves by chasing a butterfly.

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