Messages from loved ones

Little boy around 5 years old, (C name like Chris) Playing in front yard, a toy of his rolled into the street and when he went to grab it got hit by a car. He shows me his father holding his hand, he mentions about having a baby sister. He said he was a very happy child (still is) he shows me himself smiling and laughing. He did not seem to be a fussy child. He loved blocks, he really enjoyed building things. He shows me this all happened so fast, all of a sudden the car was there, he never saw it coming. He said he had such a great life. He wanted to incarnate to show you just how much joy life can bring. He does not want you to feel blame for this, it just happened so fast. He says next thing I knew I was here. I am happy here. I want you guys to know that I had everything. I feel so blessed for having this life. I watch over little sister. Please don’t be sad for me. I am always with you guys. I love you.


Little boy about 2-3, ( J name ) loved the water and wanted to swim all the time. Love pirates and the veggies tales show. His death was peaceful he says. He shows me that he has drowned in a pool. He mentions a stuffed toy like a kangaroo, He wants your next child to have it. He says he wants them to have a little piece of him with them. He says they will love it just as much as I did. He shows me he still sometimes will play in his old room. He wants you to know he is just fine. The new baby will enjoy his room he said. He says he is always with you guys, tell dad its OK, He sees your pains (both of you) but says he is OK, the new child will bring so much joy into your lives. Do all the fun things with her he says. He says she will be a fiery one. She will be fun. He says he loves you and blows kisses.


Jason age about 16, compares himself to Bart Simpson. He shows me sneaking out windows late at night. He shows me skiing/snowboarding, racing and dirt biking. He wanted to be wild. He felt as though there was too much structure at home and it was overbearing for him. He wanted his independence and it was not an easy fight. He said rehab would not have had the impact you would have desired. He said it was his life, he lived fast and enjoyed it. He says he knows you guys did what you could but it was his life and he liked the adrenaline rush. He is asking you guys to please understand, you did not fail as parents, he just wanted to live in the fast lane. He shows me a car accident, 4 kids in the car 2 males in heaven (including himself) another male and female survived.  The female carries survivors guilt and he says she needs should not blame herself and not carry that guilt. He said we were just having fun and it got out of control.  She would feel like the mom of the group in some ways caring for them. The male survivor has great talent with music. He says he needs to straighten up his act and put his talents to good use. He says Pick up the guitar and play through the emotions. He is good and has the potential to be great. He wants his family to have more fun and cut loose. He says he wants to see his siblings enjoy time with you guys and have fun. Enjoy life! He says it’s not a race, we all end up here eventually, enjoy the journey. Be fearless, he says he will be your inspiration for spontaneous ideas of cutting loose and having fun as a family. He loves you all.

Alyssa MillerComment