This week we have the Strength card


Welcome back!

The Strength card, I love this card because it is not just about the physical strength needed to overcome obsticals but, the strength of Spirit. The strength of our emotions and how we conduct ourselves in this world. As you can see in this picture the woman is petting the lion, she is not wrestling or dominering. This speaks about the strength of character and Spirit. Not all strength is the same or is it equal.

As I tune into this cards messages this week, I feel drawn to the infinifty loop above her head. This tells me that staying connected to Spirit and remembering that we all are connected is a key factor this week. I also feel that emotional strength may be the boost we are needing. I hear the word gentleness as I tune in. Be gentle with yourself as well as with others. Emotions may be running high right now and just reacting does not help diffuse challanging situations. This is why we want to keep our link with Spirit strong, we may need that gentle reminder to take a breath before we approach our challanges. We may need to dive deeper in the strength of our faith to guide us through.

No matter what this week brings we know that we have the strength to get through. Remembering that not all strength is the same, some situations will require different aspects of the self to draw on to overcome. You DO have all that you need within you to help you through anything life brings. Remember as well, that we are generations of love and magic wrapped up into this human form. There is so much more to us than meets the eye. No matter what comes your way, You got this!

Love yourself and be gentle. Speak with gentle loving words and be that beauiful representation of love.

Alyssa MillerComment