The Sun

This week we have The Sun Card!!!


Welcome back!

Joy and harmony are our themes this week! It looks as though riding the waves from last week has brought us calm waters and the sun shining down on us. Kudos to getting through those rough patches. It is like the Universe has heard us and is guiding our path in a harmonious way. Time to take that deep breath and relax into the flow this week. Having the Sun card tells us that good luck and good fortune are in our grasp this week.

I feel the message for this week is to celebrate, to live and really enjoy the moments. Much of the time we go through the motions day by day. The next thing we know a new day has started and we don’t even remember what we did the day before. Let’s really be present in each moment, consciously be there in the moment. Sink into that hug, taste that coffee, just be awake with it all. When we look at our past, we look at memories, we can not go back to that moment in time. Knowing that, we can see that we build memories in the moments of that day.

We come here as a soul to take in the joy of being human as well as the challanges. Those moments when you find peace and joy in the simple things remind you that life is beautiful. So, instead of racing through life and focusing on what needs to get done or the troubles, give that attention to the joys and simle things too. Life is about living and enjoying the experiences. To really sum it up, Life is what we make it. We are not always in control of what comes our way but, we are in control of how we work through it right?

Be present, Live in the moment and enjoy this beautifu life before you!

Lots of Love and light to ignite that sunshine in your life.

See you next week and remember if you woud like to get a reading reach out, I have a few more openings before baby arrives!

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