The 10 of Cups

This week we have the 10 of Cups! Yay!


Hooray! The 10 of Cups is the most joyus card of the Tarot. It speaks of satisfaction, accomplishments, mastery and trials overcome. The number 10 in tarot is the number of mastery, something has concluded and now a new adventure awaits! As you can see in this picture, the family celebrates under the rainbow, the symbology here is that after the rain and hard times the rainbow lights the way of promise and a new beginings. Remember as well that the Cups relate to emotions so, the 10 of cups is a great sign of emotional fulfillment!

I feel our message for this week is to take some time to truly enjoy our successes. Emotional fulfillment is in the works as well as joyus endings to troubling times. I feel this is a reminder to look within ourselves and honor the distance we have come. We all have had struggles and had to endure rough roads. The rainbow is that symbology of hope and peace. The promise of brighter days. The rainbow also associates with our 7 chakra system. Those all important major energy centers of our being! We are amazing multifaceted beings and it's important to honor that♡ 

Take some time out to truly feel the joy this week. Do something fun to celebrate you! Celebrate those conclusions and start your new beginings fresh and with love and joy in your heart. New roads are ahead! Walk with peace and joy♡ Your contributions matter, you matter and we are all in this together ♡ Have an amazing week♡

Lots of love!  

If you have not already seen, I am doing a learning and working with crystals series on youtube! It is about crystals that work with our chakras! I journey to the crystal and share the message♡ Here is episode 1 and you can watch plenty more, with more on the way!


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