The Hierophant

This week we have the Hierophant card.




The Hierophant is about wise counsil, this represents a priest or another significant "religious" figure. He or she is the person you go to when you feel you need spiritual counseling. This is less about legal matters even though this card can speak to that to some degree (i.e getting married) but is more about morals, ethics and, spiritual matters. 

I feel the significance of this is to seek advice from someone you feel holds high values. Someone you trust. Many times we can internalize much of what we are going through in fear of hurting or offending another. We have to remember to honor all of who we are as multifaceted beings. We are soul, mind and body. It's healthy to maintain and nurture all aspects of you. I feel strongly that this week we may be in need of more soul nurturing. Go to a person you trust and confide in them, if you feel it's to personal, tell the angels. They are full of love and honestly......are way better at getting us to where we need to be. They can bring someone/something into your life to help you as well. 

You are never alone in what it is you are going through, the world of spirit surrounds us and they want to help. Plus! They have a wider perspective than we do so they represent wise counsil indeed. Honor yourself and your needs. Do something to honor your soul, mind and body this week. I always recommend a warm relaxing bath with salts and essential oils. To me it's like the nurturing trifecta! If you need to talk to someone about something that's troubling you, do so! You matter and your peace and joy helps bring more peace and joy to humanity. 

Also! If you have a question for spirit or the angels, don't forget about Wondering Wednesdays!

Lots of love to you!

(In this picture is an amphibole quartz and is a crystal of angelic presence♡)


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