7 of Pentacles

This week we have the 7 of Pentacles. 


Working hard yeah?

Well the 7 of Pentacles speaks about looking at your work, your harvest, how your hard work is paying off. The man is unhappy with his results, he wants his work to produce a greater reward. Feels like a hand full of coins when really you were looking forward to that paper money. 

The thing we have to realize is that things take the time they need. No 2 plants will grow the exact same way, no 2 people are exactly the same and we have to learn more patience. Sometimes we put too much effort in something and want immediate results. Fruit trees take their time to bare fruit. All things in due time....trust me this is hard for all of us....I can admit myself that I get impatient, especially when I'm excited about something. 

Try not to force your harvest. Love, nurture and care for it, give it what it needs to grow and allow it to blossom in its own time. The roots will be stronger, healthier and hold true. The struggle is our impatience here. Love where things are and honor this. Your work pays off even if you feel like it's not happening fast enough...all things have their timing and we can not force the flower to bloom without damaging the petals. Let it bloom naturally....keep up the great work...keep fueling your harvest with love....time will show you the result.

Have a great week♡

Alyssa MillerComment