King of Cups

This week we have the King of Cups.


The King of Cups is about motivation and self-improvement. The King is a man who motivates others to be and to do more. The people of his kingdom find him relatable and easily give their allegiance to him. When the King show up in the tarot it represents a male, a level-headed force that helps lead people to action, who was also confident and self-assured. The Cups represent our emotional state, our passion, our love and our spiritual connection.

What I feel this card represents for us this week is that emotions are going to be very high. It is important this week that we take a look at our emotional state of being, it is okay to feel your emotions but do not allow yourself to drown in them. We can see the King is on his throne at sea with the waves moving around and underneath him, what makes him still stay afloat? His firm foundation helps him ride these waves. When we find ourselves in a highly emotional state it is wise to add a dose of level-headedness to help keep us from drowning in the emotional sea. This could be a week where others are relying on you to help their emotional state of being as well. Approach things with love and a level head this week. Also do things that fill your cup because as your cup is filled the blessings overflow onto others.

Light and love to you all!

Alyssa MillerComment