Knight of Swords

This week we have the Knight of Swords.


 The Knight of Swords is an overly confident arrogant yet clever influence. Knights represent travelers and motivators they are very powerful and loyal, often times they relate to young men and young adults. The swords always represent the mental thought processes, nobility and power. In some cases it can relate to the Sciences as well. The Knight of Swords does bring bravery and defense. He has the capacity to take on his foes and destroy what is in front of him. He must watch out about being overly confident and arrogant, to not get too wrapped up in his own ability. What I feel the Knight of Swords represents for us this week is to take charge and cut away the things in your life that you do not need anymore.

Now is not the time to get sucked into sorrow but to raise your sword high and change things for the better. The Knight of Swords is a warrior energy and this energy is behind us this week to help us cut down and cut out the things we don't need in our life. Try not to get wrapped up in your mind this week, if need be write down all the thoughts in your head and if there's some you need to change use the Knight of Swords energy to help you cutaway what does not serve you. Be a warrior of light! Be the warrior of the change you want to see in this world.

Love and light beautiful souls!

Alyssa MillerComment