I see an African American male around the age of 22 he is showing me a town home in a rough town he's showing me that he left school around 9th grade, he spent his days with, he's telling me 5 people or gang initiators, he sharing with me that the night of his passing is still unclear to his family he showed me a giant building similar to a warehouse he saying this group of people were initiating him in the group he felt really close with them, he felt by being a part of this group he would have the means to care for his family, he is showing me a mom, a little brother and an uncle he saying he is so grateful for all of you in his life. he saying that he didn't want to let you guy know some of the people he had been hanging out with because he knew you would not approve he's taking me to the day of his passingI keep seeing the word April he's talking about stealing food and he's showing me that he ran out in the middle of the street and got hit by a car he is apologizing saying that he just wanted to take care of his family he knew how hard his mom was struggling and he didn't want his little brother to follow in his footsteps so he tried to keep much of this away from you guys. he showing me his little brother has great potential and wants to urge him to being an engineer he's saying he's helping him in School and he's helping him to stay straight and not go down the same path his older brother did he wants to share so much love with all of you he wants you to know he's not proud of some of the choices he made but he says his intentions we're pure. I get the sense that his passing was not long ago and that it's still very hard on his family and he's apologizing for this. it was not his intention to leave so soon he says on the other side he is a greeter he's helping new souls transition into the afterlife from sudden deaths, he understands the souls that pass unexpectedly and can comfort them.  he is saying that he wants to spend sometime on the other side and will wait for his mother and uncle to return he wants to be there to greet you guys. He is apologizing to his mom saying he's sorry he was so foolish he did not want you to worry about him and he wanted you to see him as confident and capable he just wanted to help because he knew you were struggling he shows me you still smell some of his clothes, he wants you to know that during that time he is sending you hugs in spirit he wants his little brother to have his old backpack as a reminder to stay in school and nurture himself so that he can make you proud he is saying this in my way to help you and him. he wants you to know that he is watching out for his younger brother always and that if you have any worries to tell him because he is working his magic as a guardian for his brother. he is saying he loves you all very much and that to take your steps and time and allow yourselves to grieve, he is with you always and he wants for you to speak with him, he will show you that he is listening by sending you repeating messages and little gifts, he says even though I am gone from a physical body I am very much with you and watching out for all of you. please talk to me as though I am right in front of you because I'm here to listen and help you through all it is that you are going through. Hugs and love. 

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