Journey for Healing

Hi friends,

This morning as I went to connect my main guide said it would be important this week to guide you all on a short journey for personal healing. I recommend  you read through this before taking the time to journey it. Finding a YouTube video or drumming track can assist with this if you feel drawn to do so.


Sit comfortably, 

Squirrel wanted to help guide this journey today, 

Imagine you are walking through a peaceful serene night in the woods, to your right sits squirrel, he invites you to follow him, as you take pace behind him he leads you to a vine that ascends farther then your eyes can see, he takes off up the vine and you follow. As you climb, you notice you are climbing into the eye of the universe. From here all in existence is visible to you, notice where you are drawn to. Let yourself go where you feel guided, spend time in this space and see what it has to share with you. When you are done, give thanks for this guidance and take a giant leap off where you are and follow your steps back,you will notice squirrel is waiting at the vine leading the way back down to earth, follow him back down this vine and to the woods, give thanks to squirrel for guiding you in and out of this space then, follow the woods back to your body. 

Take notes and sit with this information that you received for the next few days and let it unfold for you.  If you feel you could use some clarity on a part of this journey I will answer a question about it for the first 5 people that contact me.

(please you the contact me option on the website)


May light, love and healing fill you entirely.

Alyssa MillerComment