Love from one to another

Uncle Charlie to Cindy or a C name of similar sound. He shows me himself as a heavy set guy with a hairy chest. He jokes about being Jolly Saint Nick. He says he used to dress up as Santa for the kids around Christmas. He says he passed with heart failure and clogged arteries, He further explains that his diet was not the healthiest but he loved to eat. Liked to drink as well, but he said never around the kids. he says he enjoyed being a part of your family greatly as he never had kids of his own. He tells me he was very lonely at times and that's when he would seek comfort in the bottle. He continues to point at his chest and belly and says he fits the part of Jolly Saint Nick. I get the sense he passed in his late 40's around 47. He says he is with you all and will make himself noticed this year around Christmas. He keeps showing me flashing lights on a Christmas tree. he says to watch for a glitch/glimmer because that will be him. He wants so much to give you all hugs especially the kids. He says he understands Christmas is not the same without him being Santa. I get the sense he has not been in the world of spirit long, like around 1 year ago. He teaches children on the other side about healthy diets and cherishing their bodies, prepping them to incarnate and how to take care of their physical body when they do. He loves kids, he says their spark is so magnificent and bright and their innocents is true beauty. He says he Loves you all so much and wants you to know he is doing GREAT! He is dancing! He is excited to see the kids grow up healthy and happy. He says that he will be watching you guys and helping from the world of spirit. He says its MAGIC here! I can think and create instantly, it is truly amazing. As he leaves he says again how much he loves you all so much and how truly grateful he feels for all of you. He says keep an eye out for that sparkle in the tree, its me! he gives big hugs and says HO Ho Ho Merry Christmas. 


A woman with an M name like Mariann, she has straight brown hair and is in her late 40's early 50's. She shows me a car accident where she got ejected from the car, It all happened so fast she said, she was so surprised when it happened I get the sense this happened about 3 years ago. She says she hit some black ice then bam. She did not feel any pain, it was very instantaneous.. She was rushing home for dinner. She says she is just fine and is grateful to get this chance to reach out to you all. She says she is sorry and sees the hurt in your hearts. She wants to take that away. She knows this time of year is rough for all of you. She shows me a teenage girl and says she is helping her from the spirit world. She still wants to give a mothers influence. She says they are growing so beautifully and she is so proud of all of you. She says she influences the radio as well as the timers/clocks in the kitchen. she says occasionally it will start flashing 000 and that's her. She likes to show signs that she is not gone, she is with you always. She says to her husband that it is OK to move on when you feel ready. She jokes by saying there will never be another me i am one of a kind. but she is working in the spirit realm to bring you another love. she says red hair. She loves you all so much, she wants to help you all work through your feelings, she says not to hold them in but to release them to heal your hearts. In the world of spirit she enjoys drinking Mai tais on the beach. she enjoys the beauty. She is helping to raise the vibration of the planet by helping the incarnate communicate with the dis-incarnate. She says it helps lighten the energy of Earth. She says I love you all so very much, she sends hugs and blows kisses as she walks away.


A golden retriever name starts with a B like Buddy or Bud. He shows me him sleeping by a fireplace, He loved the heat and the smell. His energy is easily excitable, he says he was like this even in old age. He says he is not upset for getting put to sleep, He says I woke up here and its FANTASTIC!!!! He says I get cookies and tennis balls all the time, squeak toys to! Such a happy ball of energy. He shows me sitting next to you while you sit on the lazy boy. He says you still go to reach out to pet him and when you don't feel him there its a reminder that he is gone. He says I still get those pets even though you do not feel my fur. He sits next to you still. He shows me a red collar on a urn which is on a mantle by the fireplace. He still will lay by the fire when you get one going. He says to you to be happy because he is, he loves you so much. He shows me random tennis balls showing up in the hose, this is him. He says they are surprise gifts for you because he loved them so much, plus he wants you to get out and play. He sends his love and darts off with a tennis ball.

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