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Joe or a name beginning with J, passed at 16 dark brown hair, very athletic played school sports, liked the band cumbawumba, " I get knocked down but I get up again, never going to keep me down." He felt like this song was his motto. He loved the adrenaline of playing soccer, football and running track. He said he got pretty good grades in school but was not an A student. He wants to tell his mom, dad and sisters that he loves you all so much, He Really wants to get the message out that it is OK to enjoy life. He is helping you work through the grief, he says that as you let go of the grief you will feel me with you. I am always with you. He shows me himself in a hospital, saying he passed from an illness that took his body. His soul is VERY MUCH alive and he spends much of his free time playing sports on the other side, He says this is where i am happiest, in these moments of being in the game, He shows me 2 males and a female that he was very close to and says to let them know he is OK. He liked the color blue. I hear Cincinnati. He loved his home town.  His energy is very mellow despite his great joy for the rush of sports. He wants to thank you all for giving him a life of freedom despite his illness. He says he felt great most of his life but the last 3-4 years were difficult for him. He knew coming into this lifetime it would be short but he knew you were the best family to provide all he wanted. He says He was so blessed to have this incarnation with all of you. He is sending so much love a gratitude. He says only blessings. I am with you this Christmas sitting in my usual chair at the table. You can talk to me as though I am in that seat because from my view, I am enjoying dinner with my family. He says I am always here with you all. I have not disappeared, I hear your words and can feel your emotions. Let me help you work through them so that you can know that we are everlasting, and that we get knocked down but always get up again. Just allow mom and dad, All is well and I am always with you, guiding and protecting like a guardian angel. Merry Christmas this is my gift to you. xoxoxo.


Young female about 6 years old, she says she was in Saint Jude, She passed of cancer. She shows me her mom showing up daily with goodies like cookies. She has a brown stuffed bear that she loved dearly. She says She was not afraid, she knew mom was afraid. She says living was not hard and even though I had cancer I really enjoyed my life. My family loved me so much, all the people at the hospital were kind to me, Even though I was sick I enjoyed life. Name sounds like Emily sounds like it ends in ey or y.  She shows me juice barrels with different colored juice, she liked the blue one best. "the blue juice" she says. she says she spent much of the time with an I.V in her arm. but it was OK to carry the pole around with her. She shows me her family showing up and playing board games and watching movies. She really enjoyed her family time. She wants to let you know she was never scared. She felt love so often that fear had no chance to get in. She says Heaven is wonderful. She plays with other kids and is "in school" she still learns on the other side. She loves ponies/horses and says she gets to play with all the animals here! She feels happy and free. She says she loves you all so much and is so grateful for you all. She said I only lived a short while but I had the best life ever. Shes blowing kisses to you guys. she says I am ready to go play again. Bye bye!


Daniel, or a name that sounds very close. Big rig driver. fell asleep at the wheel and had an accident on a windey road. He said that job was great, got my tunes and the outdoors. He shows me himself as a heavy set man, Liked his junk food, he says well its food for the road right? and laughs, he has a great laugh, a big belly laugh, one that would make people around him laugh. He would light up a room when he came into it. Great personality. He says he loved his incarnation but says oops. I pushed to hard that day for deliveries. He makes my heart feel heavy. He says his heart was not the healthiest but it was happy. He says he had a beautiful women in his life that made his heart skip a beat. He seems similar to John Candy. He has a fantastic personality.  He says on Christmas he would hang some lights in his truck if he were on a long haul. He is showing me cats and a dog that are with him on the other side. He said even Patches or a cat named with P is friendly here, Finally get to cuddle this one! He loves you Maryann or an M sounding name. He said she was the love of his life. Shes his beauty queen. He was so happy with you and no other woman could turn his gaze from you. He says get dressed up in the red dress for Christmas, He wants to dance with you. He says she was always stunning and I was a lucky man to have her. He says He is OK with you moving on, Let yourself be loved again. He shows me a man coming into your life very soon if not already in it. He says this man will remind her of me but a bit less goofy. He says he knows it not him but this guy will love you like I do and treat you well. He says he will always love you and will wait here to greet you. Live your life beautiful he says, Let the world see the beauty of who you are. I am always here for you from the other side. I want you to see yourself the way i see you, full of beauty and light. He says He loves you so much, enjoy the holidays with the family and let them know i am there enjoying the holidays with them. much love to you all and a big kiss to you he says.



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