4 of Cups

This week we have the 4 of Cups



Welcome back!

     This is so fitting to follow yesterday's channeling on patience. The 4 of Cups speaks about dissatisfaction and being stuck in stagnation. The man sits with his arms folded, his eyes are closed and his body language says he is shut down. The hand appearing from the eithers is offering him a cup and the man sits there unwilling to acknowledge what is in front of him. He is not open to receive nor is he appreciative of what is right in front of him.

     When I see this card it reminds me to stop pouting and feeling sorry for myself. When we sit in this energy we are not being open to receive from the Universe. It is normal for us to have those times of dissapointment and feel frustrated, especially when we feel stagnate, just spinning our wheels and getting nowhere. These are the times we need to check our energy, check our connection and see where the connection is cloudy. What is it your heart is saying? When you tune in, what does your guidance say to you?

     Look within your heart this week. Tune back into that connection with Source and open up your arms to receive. Sitting in dissatisfaction and stagnation gets us nowhere, all it does is shut us down. We have to open our eyes to new possibilities and see the gifts being presented to us. The Universe works in partnership with us as long as we are open to receive.  A good affirmation for this week is....

♡I am open to new opportunities and possibilities in my life. I am in flow with the Universe and I receive guidance freely. I listen with my heart and take the actions I feel guided to for my best and highest good♡ 

Be open to receive this week♡

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