2 of Pentacles

This week we have the 2 of pentacles.



Welcome back! 

     Looks like our key this week is balance! The two of pentacles speaks about balancing our projects, keeping everything in a fluid motion. This can be a challange with only so many hours in a day and days in a week but, the key is keeping in flow. Know when to go with the flow and if you feel the energy fading from one project move to the other. With this two of pentacles, we have to look at balancing our needs and wants as well. Pay attention to both aspects. The infinity loop in his hands tells me that we must utilize our energy in a way that keeps us in flow. 

     Life really can be a balancing act. We have those things we need to do on a daily basis for our survival and for our future but! we also have this side of ourselves that is creative and needs expression. It's a balancing act of the intellectual as well as creative. This is also a fantastic influence for those who need that extra boost to get something done! With this card being the suit of pentacles it relates to our Earthly needs but, the water in the back ground reminds me that we are also spirit and we need to honor all aspects of who we are. We are spirit, mind and body, we have to remember to care for all aspects of our being to stay in balance. 

     Take time this week and check in with yourself. Where do you feel out of balance? How can you get yourself back into balance? Honor all aspects of you and go with the flow. Fighting against the tide is not necessary right now, ease into the fluidity and keep moving forward. If you are needing that extra boost of energy this week, it appears to be in your favor♡ Tap into the flow and do what you feel you need to, to keep in balance♡

     See you next week! 

Alyssa MillerComment