Ace of Wands & The Hanged Man

This week 2 cards jumped from the deck, Ace of Wands and The Hanged Man



This week looks to be interesting, the Ace of Wands speaks about the start of something new, a new passion, a new love or a new journey is in the works. The Hanged Man represents a change of perspective and some time of introspection. Since they decided to jump out together they want to be read together as a more complete picture of what energy we are coming into.

As I tune in, this pair speaks to me about a new journey started when you look at things from a different perspective. The same way of moving forward is not opening doors nor paving the way, so it is time to try a different view, try a different avenue to get to your destination. The budding leaves on the staff represent the new growth on this path and it is being given from the eithers. Given, like the granting of a wish. Sometimes our wishes are granted but in those unexpected ways, so we must be open to receive and not put any expectation on how these wishes will come to be. 

Finally I feel the cards saying that we must take some time for rest and introspection. It's time to start a new way of living, one where our self care is of the upmost importance. Our physical bodies need rest and healthy nutrients to help fuel it for our souls to experience this physical world. It is taking time out to honor all aspects of you. My advice for this week is be open, open to receive and be open to listen. Listen to your body, your heart and live into your joy. Wishes get granted but much of the time we wish so hard we don't let go of what we are holding onto in order to receive. Feel the freedom in letting go. Allow a flow and be open to different avenues and points of view. Take care of you and be open to receive this week! 

Alyssa MillerComment