The Hanged Man

This week we have The Hanged Man.


Hi guys and welcome!

This is very interesting for our weekly forecast. The Hanged Man represents a few things but when I see him my first thought is to view things from a different perspective. He can also represent taking a break or the inability to move forward. In some cases he represents enduring a struggle that has you turned upside down. To sum it up, its time to take a break, step away from a situation and take a breather.

Try to take some time this week to look at things from a different perspective. Look and see if there is something you are missing. Look at the bigger picture again and see if you can work things from a different angle. Sometimes unwanted breaks in progress are a blessing, they show us we're pushing to hard and need to take some down time before we burn out. Keep your head up and don't let situations in life turn you on your head. If your feeling frustrated just take a step back for a while. Honor where you are. Taking a break from something usually results in a fresh perspective when you return to it again. 

I feel strongly this is a gift, helping us see that we need some time for introspection/reflection. He has a shining light around his head, this says to me, take some down time to incorporate what you have been experiencing and what you have learned. Sometimes we push to hard and forget to take a step back and see just how far we have come. Let it all sink in, work with it and allow yourself to move forward from there. Breathers = Refresh! 

Light and Love to you! 

Alyssa MillerComment