4 of Cups & The Magician (reversed)

This week 2 cards leaped from the deck!


Hey! Welcome!

This is proving to be an interesting week we are coming into. We have the 4 of Cups which speaks to dissatisfaction and our Magician reversed says we are out of sorts and not utilizing our tools.

Let's start with the 4 of Cups, we know that the Cups speak of emotions, flow and Spirit. The man sits in dissatisfaction with his arms folded and eyes closed. He has 3 cups before him and another being offered from Spirit. He sits in his own self wallowing not appreciating what he has nor is he open to receive the blessings being bestowed upon him. Now let's look at The Magician. Reversed, this represents us not being in our power. We are not using our tools and power to create our desires. Something within us is a bit out of sorts and we need to come back to center. We need to remember our part in the magic of manifestation. This is very fitting following Mondays Message this week!

I believe the pair this week are asking us to be open to receive. Appreciate what we have and to keep our eyes open for new opportunities that may present themselves this week. We must remember that we create our life and that we must be The Magician upright, standing in our power and utilizing our tools to create our desires and experiences. We are the Magicians of our world and we work in partnership with the collective. Come back to center, raise that power within you and create! Express your magic!

Alyssa MillerComment