Page of Wands

Hi everybody, this week we have the Page of Wands


Ready for a new adventure? Maybe take a trip? The Page of Wands is a risk taker full of enthusiasm. Breaking down some key points; we have the wands which is a firy energy, a drive to move forward as well as a symbol of new growth. The Page is a messanger, or can be seen as a younger person. Putting this card together we have a message of something new on the horizon, an adventure is waiting to be had. This card in particular is one of enthusiasm and an energy that is not afraid to take a risk and be bold. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say.

It looks to be a time of getting out of the desert (this could be a physical place or a emotional/mental state of mind) and seek new growth. The soil beneath the feet of the page is dry and dusty, he stands in a desert terrain looking at his staff. The staff shows little buds sprouting to life, he focuses his energy on this new growth despite being in barron land. He knows to achieve what he desires he must move forward following through with his ideas. He knows that life is an adventure and views life with a carefree attitude. It can be risky to follow your dreams, to follow the calling of the heart but, it is a risk worth taking. Sometimes we stay to long in one place until it appears to be a desert to us. 

I feel the message for us from the Page of Wands is to go on an adventure, live from a place of joy and follow your heart with pure enthusiasm. Many amazing adventures await you on your path and the greatest part of life is our experiences. Material possessions do not live in your soul but your memories and experiences do, they are a part of you. Life is not what you physically have but what you experience and share in the time you have. Live your life from this place of love, enthusiasm and adventure. If you do not like how things are, change it. This card is so fitting with yesterday's channeling, only you can live your life. Make your life what you want it to be. Take risks, be bold, be free, it is time to open the cage door, spread your wings and fly. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Lots of love to you!♡ 

Alyssa MillerComment