Wheel of Fortune Reversed

This week we have the Wheel of Fortune reversed.



The wheel of fortune card reversed this week. This is, like a wheel as its influence has its ups and downs. Good news is that, as things turn, we go through cycles and we must handle the ups and downs. So when we are in a down, we are soon coming to the upswing. In my experience this card speaks about fate/things that are somewhat fated to happen in a reversed position. Not all things that happen are welcomed with warm embrace but, in time we see the reasons why that experience came to be and, ideally find the diamond in the rough from that time. Trust that your guides and angels have your best as their top priority and ask them for help!

According to the little white book, this reversal speaks of increased abundance and superfluity! Not all card reversals are necessarily a negative. They can at times just be a weakened influence of the positive as well. So what does this mean for us this week? We may have some times this week where we are feeling down on our luck but again, like cycles the upswing is coming so don't hold onto any stresses this week. Do what you can, when you can and let the chips fall as they may. 

All you can do is your best on a daily basis, be open to receive this week, take the good and enjoy it, and if something crummy is attached, do what you can to work things in your favor. Like in yesterday's channeling, you never fail unless you give up trying. All things are here to teach us something♡ Do and be your best, you got this!♡

Alyssa MillerComment