2 of Cups Reversed

This week's tarot is the 2 of cups reversed, I read reversed cards as the opposite of its upright position. 

So the 2 of cups upright would be about love, unity and exchange, but having it reversed shows us to be aware of falling into falsehood in relationships or emotional investments. The cups relate to emotions spiritual growth and our passions. Just be aware this week as emotions are high and people are more sensitive, to be sensible and include a healthy dose of logic when dealing with situations this week. Sometimes when emotions are high people can fall into illusions. A balace of heart and mind should keep you on the right path. You might be feeling more alone and that's ok, great growth comes from learning to be ok in this space.  Watch your emotional state this week, your community may not be as supportive of you at this time but this is where you learn to find peace in supporting yourself. You have a great group of guides helping you behind the scenes to. We never are truly alone.

Love and light to you!

Alyssa MillerComment