The Moon

The moon card is about our emotional side, our sensitive side. It is also about looking inward and working through those difficult things we have been shying away from, looking to our shadow side to understand more about ourselves. The energy of the moon is mysterious and beautiful, it can help bring inspiration from the land of dreams to help you in your life as well as illuminate those aspecs of self we need to understand and integrate.

Finally the moon is about cycles, we have the waxing, full moon, waning, then new moon. The moon can be a reminder to look at the cycles in life. Are you stagnant somewhere? Do you need inspiration (waxing moon)? Or are you letting go (waning moon)? Or are you on the verge of something new (new moon)? Notice where you are in your cycles of life. Also a key thing to notice is, how is your energy on these moon cycles? Take some time to notice your relationship with the moons energy and use it to your advantage. 


Much love to you all!

Alyssa MillerComment