The Devil

This weeks tarot is the Devil card,

This card speaks about feeling trapped with no way out, The chains that you feel bind you are a metaphor for something you feel attached to as a victim. These chains are loose and can let you free at anytime all you have to do is remove them. I think this week we should watch for not feeling as though we are a victim but rather use our creativity to remove the chains that bind us. You are only held prisoner if you allow this to be so. The devil card also speaks about temptation and feeling as though you can not control yourself. Remember in life you are always in control, you can make the choices you feel are best for yourself. You are NOT a victim. If you are feeling low this week, take some time out for yourself to do what you want, honoring and nourishing yourself is just as important as all the other day to day tasks of life. You matter, so love yourself!

Light and Love

Alyssa MillerComment