The Empress is back!

The Empress card is about fertility and fruitfullness. She helps you take action on your goals and dreams! Her nature is loving, she encourages you in gentle ways, like a mother to a child. She helps you take your first steps. Once you have your footing she let's you take it from there.

The Empress is also about fertility.  She brings ideas to form, like conception to birth. She brings abundance but that abundance comes from productivity and actively working toward your goals.

This is a great reminder from November, that ideas or desires you have been wanting to bring into your life have sprouted life, it is important now that you nurture them so that they grow. Be like a mother to your new creations, with that care they will grow healthy and strong!

What steps have you taken this week to bring your goals and dreams to fruition? You have the energy this week behind you helping you take those steps. Go for it loves!

Alyssa MillerComment