Judgement Reversed

This week we have the Judgement card reversed.


The Judgement card stands for resurrection and solutions when upright, this week we get the reversed influence. This is not all bad, it means we are still in a pattern or stuck in some stagnation. Time to change some patterns and look at a broader perspective. This card in its reversed position also speaks about deliberations and decisions being made that you may not be happy with. You may feel sentenced to something, feeling obligated to take something on or are unhappy with the results of something you have worked hard toward. Not everything shines a winner and this is ok, sometimes we don't get to see the bigger picture and so the dissapointments we perceive today could prepare us for something far greater in our future. 

Things may not go the way you want this week but, do your best to go with the flow. Take the lessons and wisdom you have gained and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Failure teaches us that this one way didn't work but there is another way. Wisdom and knowledge come from failures and hard situations. You only fail if you give up, remember this, failures are stepping stones to greatness. Don't worry this week, just follow your intuition and go with the flow. You got this!

Light and love to you all!

Alyssa MillerComment