King of Wands Reversed

This week we have the King of Wands reversed.


The King of Wands is about being a visionary, taking charge, paving the way for the future. The King is the leader of his kingdom, he is fair and knows the meaning of hard labor. He rules with confidence and is goal oriented. When we see the King of Wands in the reversed position we must look at how this energy in our lives is being expressed. Is this energy slow or being blocked in some way? Are we unfocused at this time? Are we having a difficult time paving the way to our future? Have we lost sight of our goals? 

Whatever the block or hindrance this card is a great wake up call, a reminder that we are always in the process of creating? Take charge of your life, set goals for yourself and take a step each day toward your goals. Even baby steps still move you forward. This is a great week to do a release of things that do not serve you anymore, as we just had the energy of a full moon on Saturday. Full moons are fantastic for releasing while new moons are great for new visions and manifesting. 

A practice I find helpful is to take a sheet of paper and draw a line vertically down the page. On the left side I write all the things I want in my life. On the right hand side I write all the things I want to release or no longer want in my life. Look to see if anything on the right is hindering the left, if so, take steps to create change. Also! A great release technique is to write all the things you want to release from your life on a sheet of paper and throw it into a fire.

Focus on your goals this week, bring your desires to life by taking steps each day toward them. We can loose sight of what we want in life at times but take a breather, assess what you want and then yourself back on that road. You are the master of creation in your life, what would you like to create for yourself? 

Light and Love to you!

Alyssa MillerComment