Queen of cups!

Hi everybody and welcome back,

It appears the queen of cups is back and her energy is quite strong, her energy has shown up in multiple readings. Remember the queen of cups is a highly emotional and intuitive energy she's very spiritual and is psychic. She is like a matriarch of a family she often is the one people run to for advice and counsels those in need. She is very creative and seeing is that she is a mother card she is very nurturing. One thing to watch out for with the queen of cups is that you don't get overly emotional or too wrapped up remember to stay grounded.

I think the queen of cups continually shows up for us to remind us to use our creativity and to express ourselves wholey. She reminds us to be in touch with our emotions but to not let them run our life. She can also represent a person in your life you may need at this time or you could be that person someone is relying on. Express your feminine side and be creative. Most of all spread the love!


~ Unit next time!

Alyssa MillerComment