The tarots influence for this week is strength,

Strength comes in many different forms emotional, physical, spiritual & mental, it encompasses all. The strength card speaks about overcoming difficulties or challenges in your life and learning from them. It is about persevering through even though things are challenging. The strength card can also be seen as a card of courage and discipline. On its negative side it can be seen as a card about anger and being too impulsive. Look at the strength card this week as a reminder of all that you carry on the inside and know that you have the tools to overcome challenges that may head your way. 

The depiction of this card in traditional Tarot is of a woman petting a lion, remember that not all strength is physical sometimes it is emotional spiritual and mental and also remember that strength comes from working through challenging times, you become stronger through every challenge met.

See you next week!

Alyssa MillerComment