Page of Cups

Hello friends and welcome back to Tarot Tuesday,

This this week we have the page of cups, cups represent the emotional side as well as love. The page represents youth and innocence (also the page is a messanger).  So the page of cups brings us the message of love and to listen to our emotions get intune with that inner child. This is a great reminder to come from your heart, responding to others from your heart space but also responding to yourself from this space. Many of us have negative self talk and this is a reminder to love yourself.

This this is also a card of strong intuition and it's a reminder as well to listen and follow your own inner guidance. You know what is right for you and by listening to your intuition you can bring about more positive changes.

 This is also a great sign about conceiving a child, could be some great news on the way!

Have a fantastic week!


Alyssa MillerComment