Seven of Wands

Welcome back beautiful souls,

The seven of wands let's us know it's time to stand our ground and stick true to our vision. It's a reminder to back up your convictions even if it comes to a battle. Be level headed and fair in fights and not rush into them carelessly. Number 7 is about harnessing power and wands represent new ideas/growth and minor struggles. To add this together, we get that you are gathering great power with ideas/projects and it's ok to stand up for yourself in the growth of these. For example..If you are in the process of opening your business this is a great reminder to know what your core values/products are and to stand true to them. It's always ok to stand up for what you believe in and the key here is to not rush in foolishly but to know what you are defending and to do it fairly. 

Love and light my friends

Alyssa MillerComment