The hanged man

The hanged man card is depicted by a gentleman suspended upside down from a tree hanging with one rope snugly around is ankel. This card represents looking at situations of life from a different angle. This is a time of non action and contemplation. 

This card can also represent having your world be flipped upside down and having to let go of some things you have been holding on to. If this is the case, go with the flow of things. All will be right side up soon enough, this is a chance to gain insight from a forced different perspective. 

Finally this card can represent being at a fork in the road and feeling indecisive on what path to take. Spend time in contemplation and listen to your intuition. The correct path will illuminate for you as you take the time to listen.

Embrace the silent voice within this week.

Light and Love

Alyssa MillerComment