The Devil

This week's card is the devil card. This card comes forth this week to ask us, what are our limiting thoughts and beliefs? Do you feel trapped or worried in a situation you don't know how to break free from? The beauty of this card is that the shackles that hold you in are loose and you can break free from them anytime. It is possible to be enslaved by another or situation unknowingly but once you do know, the shackles are easily removed and you are free.

Take some time this week to see where your limiting beliefs and situations make you feel trapped. Know that you always have control of yourself and your destiny. You walk your path of life nobody else has control over you and the choices you make are solely yours. Allow yourself to feel empowered by doing something that makes you feel good and is a step toward the goals you want to reach in life.


Love and light!

Alyssa MillerComment