Queen of Cups

Forgive me this was last weeks tarot card. I will be pulling another Tuesday. I feel the energy of this card will influence this coming week as well as the next card to be pulled.

The Queen of cups is highly intuitive, mystical and creative. This week pay attention to your psychic senses. you may notice that your intuition seems stronger or that you are becoming more sensitive to things around you. This is a great week to start or work on creative projects as the creative juices are flowing freely. If you are considering looking into spiritual practices or meeting people and taking classes on spiritual subjects you might find the energy of the Queen of cups guiding you. The draw back to this card is that the Queen can be highly emotional and out of balance. Do not rely on others to decide your emotional state. Stay in your power and keep control of your emotions. If you are feeling emotionally out of balance then do something to nurture yourself this week. Honor yourself, your creativity and your sensitivity.

Light and Love

Alyssa MillerComment