The Emperor

The emperor card brings the message of stability and great power. He has cultivated stability by working hard, learning from his mistakes and in doing so has gained great wisdom and power. This is the 4th card of the major arcana and the number 4 brings stability like the 4 walls of a home. With understanding of lessons and moving forward stability and wisdom are your gifts. The masculine energy is benefiting you in continuing to charge forward with your plans. With this firm foundation you can safely know that you will not have to start from scratch again. This is fantastic news following the tower card from 2 weeks ago, the tower was about everything crumbling ( a event or situation) that makes us hit rock bottom and build a new, With the emperor card, this is that all important foundation to start from again. Now that you have this firm foundation and the charge of the masculine energy, continue to build and know that what your building is safe and secure on this foundation. 

Alyssa MillerComment