The 10 of wands is back!

Hi Everyone welcome back,

The ten of wands has made its way back so I think we must pay extra attention to where our energy is being channeled right now. The ten of wands speaks about overextending yourself, about not being able to say no or knowing when to stop. It feels like a sprout of growth that has worked so hard to break through the layers of soil just to be clouded and unable to reach the sun. This is the time to break through the layers that are clouding you so that you can reach the sun. Life isn't always an uphill battle but as long as you keep moving forward step by step you will reach your goals.

Also remember!

It is important to take care of yourself! Spend some time nurturing yourself this week, when your cup is full it's easier to share and take your steps forward. 


Alyssa MillerComment