Welcome back friends, I have a channeled message today!

Do not give away your power, true power stems from within your center, from your knowing-ness within. Train with the color yellow, feel it's energy help empower you daily. So many souls are so sensitive that they muddy their power by the thoughts and opinions of others. Where are you in this? What is your guiding voice within say to you? The opinions of others do not make up you're being, your soul is vibrant, beautiful, full of light and truth. Listen to your truth and not the truth of others, IF the two shall meet you have found an ally indeed but, your life, your power, is souly yours. I use the word souly to remind you that this is 1 of your many incarnations, and the face you see in the mirror today is but one mask you have worn. Like picking a new piece in Monopoly, this time I will be the wealthy car fast at all I do, efficient with my time and very successfull financially, maybe next time I will be the shoe, slow but steady, not of material wealth but still a part of the game, all players no matter their shape or status are valuable and make the game interesting. The Incarnation you chose this time around relates to how you view the world and what you see the world needs that you can provide, some of you are waking up to your magic while others are watching from the sidelines. YOU, no matter what you consider your status, are a valuable piece of society and the world is blessed with you here. Wake up to your magic, Live from your strength and power, YOU are precious and divine. You are here to share your magic, your gifts, your uniqueness to help the greater whole. Live in your power! Live in your magic! Live from your heart and express your unique self! Be authentic. Remember your power stems from within and no opinion should sway you from living in your truth.

 Blessings beautiful ones!

Alyssa MillerComment