The fairies of air

This week's journey gives us a message from our fairies kindom,

In this journey I wanted to connect with the element of air, when I did so to my surprise I got a fairie as a spokesperson. The fairies message is about keeping our air clean, she works to keep our air pure by removing toxins. I asked her how we can help in this endeavour and she says more plants! No aresols, like humans are used to, to remove bad odors or freshen stagnant air. She says to invite more plants into your homes. This improves the air quality in and around your home as well as helping us connect a bit more to nature, not nearly the same as a Forrest walk but it's an improvement. I asked her how we can invite more of the fairies into our lives and she says they enjoy fruits. Placing a few slices of fruit out as an offering will bring them in with gratitude and they will know you want to work with them.

Take in a big breath of fresh air, it's cleansing and energizing for the body.

With love from the elemental kingdom,

Until next week!

Alyssa MillerComment